Guo Pei inspired bowl

Inspired by this dress in the exhibition “Guo Pei – Couture Beyond” at the Bowers Museum, I tried to make something remotely similar using an organza tablecloth cut into strips with wire sewn inside.






I made a red thread bowl for the base using Solvy and tiny confetti-sized bit of fabric.  The strips were sewn to the red base and then sewn to each other for support.  I was hoping to create a spider web type support system but it was really difficult to continue the stitching beyond the wired strips, with the thread floating in mid-air.


I made a second, mustard colored Solvy thread bowl to put inside but am now debating about putting it below instead and maybe creating multiple bowls at the base in layers, like Guo Pei does with the underpinnings on her garments.  Multiple layers would also hide the ceramic saucer I glued to the base of the red bowl to keep it upright and anchor it.






My sewing friends like the base of the yellow strips exposed rather than hidden with the yellow bowl.  They want me to add more wired strips to the center of the bowl and create a forest of round organza circles on the wired stems.

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